IBM is in the process of creating a computing system to be able to answer questions quicker than a human. The computing system is called "Watson". IBM has been working on Watson for over 2 years. IBM is going to test it on the show Jeopardy and to go against a human player. This will be a big step in being able to out think a human. Watson has to know a very broad subject just to answer the questions. The show Jeopardy will have a show that will be Human vs Machine contest.

If successful, Watson can be put in place in the business world to answer questions that it is asked. We will see what happens.

Click HERE for more info.

The Conficker virus is reported to be infecting millions of Window computers around the world waiting til April 1 to be triggered. It was said that it has been infecting computers for almost over a year waiting to be activated. Nobody knows exactly what will happen when it is activated. Some speculate it could be a super-node and be a client and server in a peer to peer environment sharing your files to the world. There are some safeguarding you can do. You can go to this link to detect the worm and this link to remove it. The worm is mutating and also has different variations making it very difficult to detect and remove the worm. You will have to keep going to the above links to see if they have updated the programs to detect and remove it.

You can also go to this following link for more details.

Google does it again. Letting you have the ability to undo send an email that you either mistakenly sent or regret sending after you hit the send key. Read more from an official Gmail blog by clicking the following link.

Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Undo Send

What a major upgrade this will be. Users will finally have MMS on their iPhones.

Users will have 100 new features on their iPhones.
Here are some of the features:

  • Search the iPhone.
  • Cut, Copy and Paste.
  • Send photos, contacts, audio files, and location via MMS.
  • Read and compose email and text messages in landscape.
With all the other companies coming out with their own version of touchscreen phones, this is making Apple to improve on their product or software. You have Blackberry coming out with the Storm, T-mobile has the G1 and is rumored to be working on the G2. Apple has been coming out with big improvements with the iPhone every summer. The next improvement for this summer is OS 3.0.

If you happen to be a developer, you can actually get the 3.0 beta to try out with the new SDK.
Otherwise, everybody else will see it this Summer around June.

Here is the link to Apple's official 3.0 announcement. Click here.

Check out the latest about Google Voice!! Everything you want to know about Google Voice is at the link I provided for you below. Currently it is still in beta and will be coming out shortly. So, read up on it and get a head start on the features of Google Voice.

Official Google Blog: Here comes Google Voice

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